The House Next Door is good post modern Bollywood horror

Siddharth’s The House Next Door won positive reviews when it first launched in theaters. It has now hit streaming and is available on Netflix. Here’s my complete The House Next Door review.

The House Next Door Plot:

A young couple, Neurosurgeon Krishnakanth and his wife, Lakshmi, shift into a new home post their marriage. Their neighbors consist of the D’Costa household, which comprises of Mr. and Mrs. D’Costa and their two daughters. What begins as a kind of a sex-laden thriller turns into a horror film. The elder daughter develops a kind of crush on Krish, but before that can venture out, she’s the victim of a spirit who’s out to destroy the family. The reason? Well, you’ll have to see the film to find out.


The House Next Door Review:

The House Next Door has an interesting premise, and a unique one when it comes to Bollywood. Even if it is a smorgasbord of some Hollywood horror films, the scriptwriter succeeds in creating a unique viewing experience by adding some ‘desi’ elements to the story.


Director Milind Rau creates the perfect environment for a horror/thriller story that has aspects of ancient history, human perception of things and of course, the supernatural. The scriptwriter creates a fine script that keeps the audience intrigued and invested in the characters and the story.

The House Next Door Performances Review:

Supporting the screenplay are some good performances. Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah are eons away from the screechy, over the top performances we’ve seen in recent times in Bollywood horror films. Even Anisha Victor, who has a meaty role, stands tall among the seasoned actors.


While the concept is unique, the director has remained true to the roots of Indian horror and used the right amount of jump scares and niggling scare sequences to make this one of the better post-modern horror films in Bollywood.

Final Point:

The House Next Door boasts of a unique storyline, good performances and a screenplay that lines the audience through the entire film effortlessly. You will not regret watching this one.


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