The Ramsays Go International with Gentayangan

Ramsay horror films make the list of best Bollywood Horror films. They have been out of the spotlight for a while, but seems they are back.  The family revealed their Indonesian film, Gentayagan. This is the first foreign Ramsay horror film. The Gentayangan trailer is on YouTube. The trailer takes audiences back to the days of classic Ramsay. There’s the dark, dreary hotel rooms, the jump scares and a plot that’s distinctly about the middle-class -whether it’s the Indian middle-class or Indonesian.

Gentayangan released on August 16th in the country. The film stars Baim Wong, Nadine Alexandra, Christ Laurent. In the film, a family agrees to become caretakers of an allegedly haunted hotel. What happens next forms the rest of the story.  Here’s the synopsis:

Baim Won plays Abimanyu, who faces financial constraints.  He and his wife stay temporarily in a heritage hotel . Strange events occur that scare the family. Can Abhimanyu save his family?

The teaser trailer impresses and is exciting. Watch the trailer here:

The Ramsays were instrumental in bringing alternate entertainment to the Indian audiences for more than three decades. It’s interesting to see their foray into the foreign market. Several film makers have made collaborations with foreign film-makers earlier. It’s also interesting to note the similarities in the plots of the two films, Gentayangan and Dak Bangla. Dak Bangla was a 1987 horror film that had a young couple become caretakers of a hotel because of financial constraints. However the couple experience strange occurrences. Notably, Dak Bangla was one of the few Bollywood horror films that had a secondary story line that ultimately was the twist in the Ramsay Horror film.  Let’s hope we can see a version of this Ramsay horror film soon.

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