The Ritual Review: Horror Goes Wild

A decade ago, a little-known series named Lost mixed sci-fi, horror, and man vs wilderness to great results. Some say that it is the best series ever made. Whether that’s true or not, few films have been able to create such a tizzy like how Lost did. And methinks the Netflix Original, The Ritual might be this generation’s Lost. It’s got everything going for it. Here’s my complete The Ritual Review.

The Ritual Plot:

Four friends reunite for a trek out in the wilderness to commemorate the passing of their common friend. While on the trek, they take a wrong turn and come in the way of an ancient Norse mythology demon that’s hellbent on killing people. And when he’s looking out for victims, a strange group of people offers him sacrifices.

The Ritual Review:

The Ritual is one of those eerie, lingering films that you almost leave half-way until that particular gripping sequence bounced back your interest in the film. The mythology gives the film a fresh taste and works wonders – unlike the other strange Netflix horror film, The Open House.  That’s generally because the audience is somehow invested in the fate of the four friends and partly thanks to the ghastly proof of ritual that the film shows now and then.

Wilderness horror is difficult to make, as the location can quickly turn from intriguing to continuous to boring. So, without the props of a mainstream film, The Ritual star cast brings the film to life. the first hour or so could seem a bit laggy for audiences not accustomed to these meanderingly eerie films, but the end should make everyone happy.

The screenplay has all the nuances that’d connect with the 30ish crowd who love a man-vs-wild concept, and love it to bits if it has something to with fantasy and the supernatural.

Final Point:

The Ritual is a stunningly well-made entry in Netflix’s inventory of horror. Watching it is mandatory for the horror-fantasy fan.

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