Vikram Bhatt's 'Rain' is marred by hammy actors

Vikram Bhatt released the teaser trailer of his new web series, ‘Rain’. The series promises to be a horror thriller. The Bhatt camp is quite active in the streaming world with their ‘Gehraiyaan’, ‘Twisted’, ‘Maaya’ and other web series. ‘Rain’, touted to be India’s ‘first thriller series’ – unfortunately fails to pique our interest.

To begin with, Vikram Bhatt seems to have gone overboard with the ‘damsel in distress’ in web series. In Maaya, Shama Sikander plays the damsel in distress in a loveless marriage, in Gehraiyaan, Sanjeeda Sheikh plays a female doctor haunted by an unknown force and in ‘Rain’, it seems the main protagonist has to tackle not one but four antagonists.

The premise seems cliched, and what we could see of the performances was nothing equivalent to launching a whole new web series. We wouldn’t blame you if you thought that the four others in the trailer were actually ghosts haunting the one woman – after all, both walk slowly towards the protagonist with menacing eyes and a sleazy grin plastered on their lips. ┬áCheck the trailer for yourself:


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