'You Make Me Feel Alive' has an intriguing trailer

Short films are making it big all over. With the old guard and the new Turks going to the short film format to tell stories close to their heart, it is the audience that’s finally winning. Indian New Wave presents ‘You Make Me Feel Alive’, a psychological thriller tht has an interesting premise.

A young conning couple try to hoodwink a old man using the oldest trick in the book, the woman tries to seduce him.

Seems run of the mill? We agree. But then, the younger film makers have a knack for surprising the audience. By the looks of it, newcomer Kumar Siddharth has made what a slick, entertaining thriller. The film stars Injel Khann, Niraj Sah, Raja Choudhary and others.

The trailer promises equal parts thrill, suspense with just the right dash of sensuality that would translate into a gripping short film.

Watch the trailer here:


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